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Health Freedom Ohio advocates often meet and build genuine relationships with legislators and testify before committees on key legislation to proactively preserve our fundamental right to health freedom.

The willingness and passion to educate, combined with the humility of knowing that advocating for what is right is a learning experience deserving of mutual respect and recognition, are key to successful engagements with those who have the capability to impact current and future legislation. 

You also have the power to make such impact by showing up in truth and letting your voice be heard. Contact us today if you are interested in becoming an active voice in preserving health freedom. Find your Legislator here: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislators/district-maps

Below you will find current legislation we are supporting or opposing.

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134th General Assembly, 2021-2022 - Ohio

A legislative session lasts two years in Ohio. Any bill introduced has to pass through the House, the Senate and be signed into law by the Governor by the end of December 2022.

We have very little time to make a BIG difference, which is why your voice matters! We are busy working behind the scenes, but rest assured coming soon we will feature legislation related to health freedom in Ohio and announce time sensitive calls to action. Please check back often or follow us on Facebook for updates.



Update: September 10th, 2021 - The sponsor of HB248 has filed a discharge petition for the original as introduced version of this bill.  This petition would force the house to discharge the bill from committee to the house floor for consideration if enough signatures from Ohio House Members are received.  Because this is the original version of the bill, only a small fraction of the needed signatures are projected to be collected.  This original bill language is problematic for many reasons as it codifies vaccine mandates/requirements into law, forces individuals to disclose their personal medical information to participate in society by signing a form or giving a verbal statement, does not penalize businesses for violations and discrimination, and establishes a vaccine passport system via exemptions which could eventually open the door for vaccine passports.  This original bill probably would have never made it into committee.

You can read the original bill language which is the subject of the discharge petition and decide for yourself (below).  Several legislators are working on bills that address COVID only legislation which is needed immediately for all to protect people from losing their jobs.  More information to come.


Bill Status:  STALLED - Sub H.B. 248 has had 6 hearings in the House Health Committee.


Update: August 25th, 2021 - Speaker Cupp stalls bill while Ohioans are losing their jobs and students are being forced to get a vaccine in order to attend classes.

Ohioans, we need to contact the Speaker of the House, Representative Bob Cupp, the House Leadership team and your State Representative to respectfully and adamantly urge the passing of The People’s Bill, Sub. H.B. 248.

Ohioans unalienable rights are being threatened everyday so there is NO TIME to pause. Please read Speaker Cupp’s statement below regarding Sub. H.B. 248 and contact him to enable the bill to move forward in the Health Committee where it currently sits and the House. We must also contact the rest of the House Leadership team and entire legislature to ensure your voices are heard and rights are protected! Please read and see below for Speaker Cupp’s statement and your legislator’s contact information:

From statehouse news sources:

"Speaker of the House Bob Cupp (R-Lima) and the House majority leadership team Monday issued a statement that pauses any further action on the "Vaccine Choice Act," HB248 (Gross), after the Tuesday, Aug. 24 hearing, when he said there will be no amendments or votes.

Cupp said, "We appreciate the continued hard work of the members of the health committee on HB248. This legislation is important to many members of this caucus. Due to the high interest in the bill, we have directed Chairman [Scott] Lipps [R-Franklin] to have one hearing, which (took) place on Tuesday, Aug. 24, with no amendments or votes. We will then pause hearings on HB248 while we work with the chairman, the bill’s sponsor, and all interested parties on this important issue.”

Ohio House Leadership Contact Information:

*Please note that most of the House leadership, for the exception of Speaker Pro Tempore Representative Ginter who supports Sub. H.B. 248, have not expressed their stance on the bill. Nevertheless, the urgency remains, which is why it’s imperative you contact them to respectful communicate your concerns and urge action to pass the Vacc*ne Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act that is needed to protect Ohioans.

- House Speaker Representative Bob CuppPhone: (614) 466-9624  Email: Rep04@ohiohouse.gov

- Speaker Pro Tempore Representative Timothy Ginter - Phone: (614) 466-8022  Email: Rep05@ohiohouse.gov

*Supports Sub. H.B. 248. Thank him and respectfully continue to urge action on the bill.

- Majority Floor Leader Representative Bill Seitz - Phone: (614) 466-8258 Email: Rep30@ohiohouse.gov

- Assistant Majority Floor Leader Representative Rick Carfagna - Phone: (614) 466-1431 Email: Rep68@ohiohouse.gov

- Majority Whip Representative Don JonesPhone: (614) 644-8728 Email: Rep95@ohiohouse.gov

- Assistant Majority Whip Representative Cindy Abrams - Phone: (614) 466-9091 Email: Rep29@ohiohouse.gov

It is also important to note that Ohio’s legislative body is in summer recess but most still engage in townhall meetings and are open to in-district meetings, so if you can schedule a meeting in person that would be beneficial to get the one-on-one engagement. You can also call and email them to let them know where you stand and how you would like them to represent you - their constituent.

***Ohioans, find your state legislators by clicking on the respective links below.***

- State Representatives:


- State Senators (We need their support too and they need to hear your concerns):


For more information on some of the expressed concerns of those who are hesitant to support the bill, please see a previous call-to-action (below) that notates them, in addition to the Health committee members who are refraining from supporting the current bill. You may hear the same and/or additional concerns as you contact your legislators, so it’s wise to be prepared to address them should they come up in your conversation.

Here is the bill language:


Previous Calls to Action

***Sub HB 248 Call to Action***

Update: August 6th, 2021 - Special House Health Committee hearing scheduled for 11am August 24,2021

From Representative Scott Lipps:

THANK YOU for your calls, texts, messages, posts and help. We hear you!!

I’ve been proud to stand with so many of you over the years as we continue to fight for our medical freedom. The urgency obviously continues to increase and our office has been busy working with members of Health Committee and Leadership to identify a path forward for Sub. HB248, and I think we’re close!

I’ve been granted permission to schedule a special House Health Committee on Tuesday, August 24th for the purpose of hearing testimony and amendments on Sub. HB248. I’ve included the information in this post.

Please encourage your friends and family impacted by many of the recent mandates to consider submitting testimony. Realizing this is an incredibly important issue to so many, I also encourage you to keep your outreach respectful.

OHIO NEEDS SUB. H.B. 248! Currently there aren’t enough votes to pass the bill out of the Health Committee nor the House, which is why YOUR VOICE is imperative to reach out to the committee members listed below and your state representatives.

The primary reasons why the following legislators and other House members need further clarification and encouragement to support the bill include:

1) Some, on both sides of the political aisle, believe that business rights supersede individual rights to bodily autonomy, informed consent and common-sense anti-discrimination practices that benefit the whole. A topic that has long been settled with the Anti-Discrimination Act and other common-sense laws that protect individuals from being discriminated against in the workforce and from violating other fundamental human rights. Furthermore, Sub. H.B. 248 takes the burden off businesses and ensures prosperity for all by refraining from engaging in coercive policies that may lead to a hostile work environment, whereby employees may be discriminated against and forced to consume products that are indemnified from liability due to the potential inherent risks they can cause.

It’s important to note that businesses may still make recommendations and any employees who would like to get vaccinated would have the liberty to do so if they will. Free will is, after all, a gift from God that various religious denominations wholeheartedly cherish and value. An individual’s religious convictions are sacred and protected by the Constitution of the United States. Just like individuals have the free-will choose to consume a product indemnified from liability, people who opt out of the consumption of such products have the same inalienable God-given rights. Sub. H.B. 248 merely seeks to reinforce those rights.

2) Organizations that oppose the bill have engaged in misinformation campaigns claiming that the bill would remove the childhood vaccine requirements for school attendance, which is incorrect. The bill would prohibit private and public entities from mandating, requiring, or requesting the disclosure of an individual's vaccination status or otherwise participate in a vaccine passport system, registry or other “mechanisms” for tracking and disclosing an individual's private health information. Sub. H.B. 248 would merely require schools to notify pupils and their parents, or legal guardians of their EXISTING RIGHTS to exempt pursuant to section 3313.671 of the Ohio Revised Code, which allows for medical, religious, and reasons of conscientious objections to vaccinations, at the same time and in the same manner that notices for vaccine requirements are disseminated. In other words, nothing changes in that respect except individuals being informed of their existing rights.

3) Misinformation campaigns regarding the immunocompromised and communicable diseases is another issue of concern that has been raised. Such misinformation is extensive, so to better address it, please listen to the mother of a severely immunocompromised child provide testimony in support of Sub. H.B. 248, Donna Kazee, and Rishanne Golden, the latter of which is a mother who tragically lost a child as a result of vaccine injury.

Donna Kazee’s testimony in support of Sub. H.B. 248: https://fb.watch/v/awt92QcPu/

Rishanne Golden’s testimony in support of Sub. H.B. 248: https://fb.watch/v/umlakyF8/

4) A couple of testimonies have been utilized as excuses to undermine the important premise and intent of this pro-freedom and anti-vaccination discrimination bill. Such excuses should never undermine a legislator’s commitment to do the right thing on behalf of Ohioans.

Respectfully address what this bill is truly about – FREEDOM to exercise one’s fundamental human rights as granted by God and protected by our Constitution.

Please note that Ohio’s legislative body is in summer recess but most still engage in townhall meetings and are open to in-district meetings.

Besides the Health Committee members, it is imperative that legislators hear directly from constituents within their districts as well since we need a 2/3 majority votes to pass the bill in the House. Therefore, Ohioans are encouraged to contact their state legislators to proactively communicate their personal testimonies, concerns and/or expertise, and urge their public elected officials to support Sub. H.B. 248. A bill that seeks to reaffirm and protect Ohioans’ inalienable rights.

*Tip - Starting out by asking what their stance is on the bill goes a long way to directing your conversation, clarifying concerns and hopefully garner support.

Here is the contact information for the Health Committee members who have expressed concerns:

· Representative Andrea White (R-Kettering)   Phone: (614) 644-6008   mailto:Rep41@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Adam Holmes (R-Nashport)   Phone: (614) 644-6014   mailto:Rep97@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Tom Young   Phone: (614) 466-6504   mailto:Rep42@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Al Cutrona (R-Canfield)   Phone: (614) 466-6107   mailto:Rep59@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Susan Manchester (R-Waynesfield)   Phone: (614) 466-6344   mailto:Rep84@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Brian Stewart (R-Ashville)   Phone: (614) 466-1464   mailto:Rep78@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Phil Plummer (R-Dayton)   Phone: (614) 644-8051   mailto:Rep40@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington)   Phone: (614) 466-8012   mailto:Rep24@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Janine Boyd (D-Cleveland Heights)   Phone: (614) 644-5079   mailto:Rep9@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown)   Phone: (614) 466-9435   mailto:Rep58@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Beth Liston (D-Dublin)   Phone: (614) 644-6030   mailto:Rep21@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Terrence Upchurch (D-Cleveland)   Phone: (614) 466-7954   mailto:Rep10@ohiohouse.gov

· Representative Thomas West (D-Canton)   Phone: (614) 466-8030   mailto:Rep49@ohiohouse.org

Ohioans, find your state legislators here:

State Representatives: https://ohiohouse.gov/

State Senators (We need their support too): https://www.ohiosenate.gov/senators

Here is the bill language:


Substitute House Bill 248 - Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act

  • Prohibits mandatory vaccinations, vaccination status disclosures, vaccination passports, tracking and certain other actions regarding vaccinations, individual’s rights and privacy.
  • Establishes that individuals have a right to direct their own health care decisions, free from coercion or penalty, and with informed consent, for themselves, their children, their family, and anyone for whom they stand in loco parentis.
  • Requires schools to notify a pupil or the pupil's parent or guardian of their right to exempt.
  • Strengthens children’s vaccination exemptions by emphasizing that they shall honor the exemptions from the immunization requirements described in the Ohio revised codes pertaining to children. Sections 5104.014 – Medical Statement of Immunizations and Section 3313.671 – proof of Required Immunizations – Exemptions.
  • Establishes that individuals have a right to expect that their personal privacy rights remain protected, specifically private health information.
  • “No person, public official or employee, public agency, state agency, political subdivision, school, child day-care center, nursing home, residential care facility, health care provider, insurer, institution, or employer shall mandate, require, or otherwise request an individual to disclose the individual's vaccine status, participation in a vaccine passport system, vaccine registry, or other mechanism that is designed for the purpose of tracking an individual's vaccine status, and disclose an individual's vaccination status.”
  • It establishes that “individuals shall not be discriminated against based on their personal health choices.”
  • Establish penalties for violations

SB 169 - Introduction - Watching

Bill Status: S.B. 169 has been introduced by the sponsor, Senator Brenner and has been referred to The Senate Health Committee. 

***No Action Required at This Time***

Senate Bill 169

  • A bill that would prohibit mandatory vaccinations against the coronavirus, as well as proof of vaccinations generally, and to declare an emergency.
  • “A person, political subdivision, public official, or state agency shall not mandate either directly or indirectly the administration of a vaccine used for the purpose of inducing in human’s immunity against a coronavirus.”
  • “An adult individual shall not be required for any reason to be vaccinated against a coronavirus unless the individual chooses to be vaccinated against that coronavirus.”
  • “An adult individual who is incapacitated shall not be required for any reason to be vaccinated against a coronavirus unless the legal guardian of the incapacitated adult chooses to have the incapacitated adult vaccinated against that coronavirus.”
  • “A minor individual shall not be required for any reason to be vaccinated against a coronavirus unless the minor's parent or legal guardian chooses to have the minor vaccinated against that coronavirus.”
  • “A person, political subdivision, public official, or state agency shall not require an individual to show proof of vaccination or provide the individual's vaccination history or status.”
  • Information regarding an individual's vaccination history or status is confidential.
  • An individual's vaccination history or status shall not be disclosed or released to another person, political subdivision, or state agency without the individual's written consent.
  • “This act is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety. The reason for such necessity is that vaccines have been developed against SARS-CoV-2, a coronavirus, and are now being administered to Ohio residents. Therefore, this act shall go into immediate effect.”
  • Amendments were submitted and are going through LSC to strengthen this legislation with language that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of vaccination status.
  • The bill currently has 3 cosponsors.

See bill for more details. Link to bill language:


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