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Sheriffs & Police Chiefs publicly stating they refuse to enforce the unconstitutional orders of their governors:

  1. Butler County Sheriff Not Enforcing Mask Order

  2. Xenia Police Not Enforcing Mask Order

  3. Warren County Sheriff Not Enforcing Orders

  4. Clermont County Sheriff Not Enforcing Mask Order

  5. Montgomery County Sheriff Not Enforcing Mask Order

  6. Cincinnati PD, Norwood PD and Butler Co. Sheriff Not Enforcing Mask Order  

  7. Centerville Police Not Enforcing Mask Order

  8. Fairfield Police Not Enforcing Mask Order

  9. Middletown Police, Norwood Police, Fairfield Police Not Enforcing Mask Order

  10. Butler County Sheriff's, Fairfield Police, Fairfield Township Police, Middletown Police Not Enforcing Mask Order

  11. Miamisburg Police, Brookville Police, Clayton Police Not Enforcing Mask Order

  12. Clayton Police Not Enforcing Mask Order

  13. Brookville Police Not Enforcing Mask Order

  14. Sheriff Mike Lehl, Comanche County, KS 

  15. Chief of Police Derek Cid, Saint Marys, KS

  16. Chief of Police Derrick Ploutz, Sterling, KS

  17. Chief of Police Gerald Cullumber, Norton, KA

  18. Sheriff Bill Martin, Bourbon County, KS

  19. Sheriff Joshua Blackwell, Douglas County, IL

  20. Sheriff, Jeffrey Lower, Tazewell County, IL

  21. Sheriff Brent Waak, Polk County, WI

  22. Sheriff Christopher Schmaling, Racine County, WI

  23. Sheriff Adam J. Bieber, Shawano County, WI

  24. Sheriff Martin Schulteis, Washington County, WI

  25. Sheriff Dale J. Schmidt, Dodge County, WI

  26. Sheriff Mike Murphy, Livingston County, MI

  27. Sheriff Mike Borkovich, Leelanau County, MI

  28. Sheriff Ted Schendel, Benzie County, MI

  29. Sheriff Ken Falk, Manistee County, MI

  30. Sheriff Kim Cole, Mason County MI

  31. Sheriff Hoss Mack, Baldwin County, AL

  32. Sheriff Mark Moon, Blount County, AL

  33. Sheriff Scott Nichols, Franklin County, ME

  34. Sheriff Doug Giddings, Idaho County, ID

  35. Sheriff Adam Fortney, Snohomish County, WA

  36. Sheriff J.D. Raymond, Franklin County, WA

  37. Sheriff Doug Schuster, Mohave County, AZ

  38. Sheriff Mark Lamb, Pinal County, AZ

  39. Sheriff Nathan Sickler, Jackson County, OR

  40. Sheriff Chad Bianco, Riverside County, CA

  41. Sheriff James McVicker of Bladen County, NC

  42. Sheriff Jody Greene of Columbus County, NC

  43. Sheriff Jimmy Thornton of Sampson County, NC

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