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A Pharma-Free Solution to Pink Eye

October 13, 2018 8:01 AM | Anonymous member

***It is my passion to raise awareness about alternative-to-pharmaceutical modalities that promote health and wellness. I hope you enjoy the stories I share from my own journey raising natural, pharmaceutical free children. The following is not meant to be medical advice, if you need medical advice seek out a pharmaceutically trained medical physician.***

My son had his first experience with conjunctivitis or 'pink eye' last October. It was a result of lymphatic congestion in the head and neck with excessive respiratory mucous production that leads to bacterial or viral presence.

Initially, his pink eye responded quite well to homeopathic euphrasia 30c. Homeopathy is an ultra dilute water preparation of a natural substance that supports the system in its return to a balanced state. I kept him home from school to dose the homeopathic remedy throughout the day and to focus on nutrition and hydration; his eyes cleared. He still had the excessive respiratory mucous to expel, he remained fever free, and was full of energy. He went to school the next day...of course on this day they had their Halloween party and there was an abundance of candy and cakes. Sugar is an immunosuppressant. That means it reduces the ability of the immune system to clear viral or bacterial overgrowth that may be present and this effect lasts for hours after consumption. 

As they say "hind sight is 20/20", this was not a good combination for a child who was busy recovering from acute lymphatic stagnation. When I picked him up from school his eyes were very red, by bedtime he had visible pustules in each eye. I switched to homeopathic Arsenicum Album 30c. I also added a nightly dose of Sovereign Silver directly to each eye and continued the Arsenicum Album 30c. 

The infection resolved within three days. The first picture is prior to the first silver dose. The second picture is day two but before the second dose of silver. The third picture is day three and after the third dose of silver. In this case I used homeopathy and sovereign silver to support the body in its recovery to health. The excessive sugar consumption from the school party put him over the edge and is an example of why sugar is not appropriate in a state of acute illness. Combining modalities can prevent the use of pharmaceutical antibiotics that are known to cause serious side effects. Misuse and overuse of antibiotics has led to the development of drug resistant bacterial strains like MRSA and VRE. It’s important that we limit the use of antibiotics to only life threatening conditions where the risk-to-benefit is appropriate.

Health Freedom is so much more than simply declining harmful pharmaceutical drugs, it's having access to and utilizing non-drug modalities.

Michelle Cotterman, RN APP is a co-founder of Health Freedom Ohio. She is the mother of two naturally raised children. Her continuing education focuses on Holistic Health and includes Polarity Therapy, Homeopathy, and Herbalism. Michelle has been studying the science behind vaccines and the vaccine industry since 2010.

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