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Age of Polio: DDT Toxicity and Elimination by Reclassification

October 27, 2018 8:21 AM | Anonymous member

Dr Morton Biskind was a graduate of Western Reserve University School of Medicine, he received his MD in 1930. He had previously received a master's degree in Pharmacology in 1928. He was the research fellow in the department of pharmacology at Western Reserve University from 1927 to 1928 and 1930 to 1932. He was a member of the headquarter staff of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry in the American Medical Association until 1938. Following that he was in charge of the endocrine laboratory and the Endocrine Clinic at Beth Israel Hospital in New York. 

In 1950 he testified before the House Select Committee to Investigate the Use of Chemicals in Food Products related to his experience with DDT toxicity and polio-like syndrome that was plaguing the nation.

In his testimony Dr. Biskind stated

“In the subsequent mass use of DDT and related compounds a vast amount of additional information on the toxicity of these materials, both in animals and man, has become available. Somehow a fantastic myth of human invulnerability has grown up with reference to the use of these substances. Because their effects are cumulative and may be insidious and because they resemble those of so many other conditions, physicians for the most part have been unaware of the danger. Elsewhere the evidence has been treated with disbelief, ignored, misinterpreted, distorted, suppressed, or subjected to some of the fanciest double-talk ever perpetuated

Early last year I published a series of observations on DDT poisoning in man. Since shortly after the last war a large number of cases have been observed by physicians all over the country in which a group of symptoms occurred, the most prominent features of which was gastroenteritis, persistently recurrent nervous symptoms, and extreme muscular weakness. The condition was of unknown origin and following an outbreak in Los Angeles in 1947, was there after widely attributed to a “virus X”. As with all other physicians, a large number of my patients had this condition.”

In his article published in the American Journal of Psychotherapy in 1949 he touches on some of the same observations we see today regarding chemical sensitivities and genetic susceptibilities: 

“The relationship would undoubtedly have been detected much earlier, however, were it not for the tremendously wide variation in sensitivity to DDT in the general population; certain individuals appear to be able to tolerate large cumulative doses without apparent ill effect; others are so sensitive that near traces of DDT can set off an almost immediate reaction of the type described. In addition, sensitization phenomena appear to occur in many previously nonreactive persons after repeated exposure to DDT. Although it is known that detoxication processes both in animals and man involves conversion of DDT to the less toxic acetate, little is as yet known about variations from person to person in these detoxication mechanisms, and even less about the intermediary metabolism concerned. Regardless of detoxication, DDT is stored cumulatively in body fat and excretion of the substance is extremely slow even after intake ceases. For this reason, and also because actual morphologic damage may occur, recovery is often very slow, requiring weeks, months and even years.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture quietly began regulatory actions in the late 1950’s to limit the use of DDT. These decisions were based on the accumulating evidence of the toxicological effects of DDT on human and mammalian cells. The timing of theses regulations corresponded nicely to the public propaganda campaigns that the polio vaccine was eliminating the polio virus. 

But it wasn’t only these regulatory changes that were taking place. According to Shawn Seigel of VacTruth.com: 

“One of the many aspects of the polio vaccine deception is the specific change to the diagnosis of paralytic polio, from a required 24 hours of paralysis to 60 days of paralysis. In 1954, one day of loss of movement in a limb easily garnered you a diagnosis of paralytic polio. From 1955 going forward, if you were paralyzed but recovered before the 60th day - which literally happened in the majority of cases - you wouldn't be diagnosed with polio, even if lab analysis found you had the poliovirus! What haphazard nonsense - it flies in the very face of virology. 30,000 polio diagnoses a year were automatically eliminated by the 1955 changes, but we were told, and are still led to believe, they were prevented by the vaccine.”

You can read more of his deep investigation into the changing diagnostics here.

There certainly is a lot to consider regarding the history of polio in the United States. It makes you wonder if a vaccine was necessary or if they simply needed to stop the massive exposure of the population to a neurotoxic substance. After all, we know that 95% of polio enterovirus infections are asymptomatic. We have come far enough along in our understanding of how environment can lead to health or disease, perhaps it is time to stop looking at germ elimination as a solution and start looking at the environment.

If you would like more information on pesticide use and the incidence of polio in the U.S., please click this link.

The following images are from Chemicals in food products, hearings before the house select committee to investigate the use of chemicals in food products House of Representatives 81st Congress 2nd session 1950:

Michelle Cotterman, RN APP is a co-founder of Health Freedom Ohio. She is the mother of two naturally raised children. Her continuing education focuses on Holistic Health and includes Polarity Therapy, Homeopathy, and Herbalism. Michelle has been studying the science behind vaccines and the vaccine industry since 2010. 

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