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Vaccine Contamination Affecting KY, OH, IN: The Untold Story

February 05, 2019 9:44 AM | Anonymous member

Headlines exploded February 1st, 2019 over a Kentucky Department for Public Health press release.  

A company that provides on-site vaccination clinics in the workplace, Location Vaccination, provided improperly handled and contaminated vaccinations that resulted in infection at the injection site. These vaccines have been provided to various companies offering on-site vaccination clinics since September 1, 2018. The vaccine reactions present as redness, pain, tenderness, swelling, and hard lumps or nodules at the injection site and may even develop more than 12 weeks after receiving the vaccine. 

States affected include Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. The Ohio Department of Health has been silent on this very concerning health issue. The cities in Ohio where Location Vaccination worked with businesses to provide vaccines include the following:

  •  Dayton, OH
  •  Georgetown, OH
  •  Norwood, OH
  •  Cincinnati, OH
  •  Columbus, OH
  •  Circleville, OH
  •  St. Bernard, OH
  •  Pike County, OH
  •  Beech Hollow, OH
  •  Mansfield, OH

Here is what they are not telling you…

Mycobacteria species have been identified from the injection site wound culture from numerous patients who received a hepatitis A, Tdap, pneumococcal, or seasonal influenza vaccination from the above mentioned on-site vaccination company, Location Vaccination. You may be more familiar with mycobacteria species by their “infectious disease” names Tuberculosis (TB) and Leprosy. However, these are just two of the many different species of mycobacteria.

The Kentucky Department of Health is advising practitioners to perform a series of tests specific to nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM), along with other bacterial and fungal pathogens for any abscesses, inflammation, or fibrous nodules encountered post vaccination at the site of injection. These tests include:

  •  Anaerobic culture
  •  Aerobic culture
  •  Fungal culture
  •  AFB smear and culture

Mycobacteria, in general, are hardy organisms. They have the ability to repel water and are resistant to disinfectants, common antibiotics, and heavy metals. NTM can form biofilms, a thin, slimy film of bacteria that sticks to a surface. These biofilms can attach to a wide range of organic(plastic, silicone, rubber, and PVC) and inorganic (glass, metals, and metallic fluids of machines) materials. The above characteristics also makes treatment difficult. Many of the same drugs used to treat TB are also used to treat NTM. To overcome drug resistance, people with these kinds of infections will need to take several different antibiotics at the same time. Treatment may last anywhere from 6 months to two years and come with a laundry list of side effects, the worst of which is liver failure. 

Providers often do not think of mycobacteria as being the culprit for the infection, and the diagnosis is delayed. An infection can smolder for days, weeks, and sometimes months before it is discovered. These infections are particularly dangerous in immunocompromised individuals, especially if they are given steroids and the wrong type of antibiotics, the consequences of which are death.

While it is understood the state health departments are attempting to mitigate the damage this mistake will undoubtedly cause to the reputation of the vaccine program, it is not appreciated. The lack of transparency is both irresponsible and unacceptable. The public has a right to be made aware of the dangers and be informed of the organism involved with this contamination. A mistake of this nature calls into question the flimsy oversight and lack of proper regulation over on-site vaccination clinics. 

If you or someone you know is the recipient of a vaccine administered by an on-site vaccination company and you have an adverse reaction at the injection site, please seek medical attention immediately and present a copy of the provider letter to your physician (KY HD Provider Letter.pdf). These types of infections will not go away on their own and require special testing and treatment.

 Michelle  Cotterman, RN APP is a co-founder of Health Freedom Ohio. She is the  mother of two naturally raised children. Her continuing education  focuses on Holistic Health and includes Polarity Therapy, Homeopathy,  and Herbalism. Michelle has been studying the science behind vaccines  and the vaccine industry since 2010. 

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