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July 02, 2019 1:52 PM | Anonymous member

By: Ravi Kulasekere, PhD, ND BCHHP

After traveling around for a week on vacation and business my 3-year old pharmaceutical-free child developed a cold. We as usual reached for our trusted ‘terrain-supporting’ holistic remedies and within a mere 36 hours her cold was completely resolved, no residual drainage, no coughs, no ear-infections and even during the episode she was eating and acting completely normal. This has happened a few times that it prompted me to write something to let people know that supporting the body with holistic means is far better than trying to eliminate the ‘germ’ causing the illness with toxic pharmaceutical drugs. Contracting minor illnesses and infections is an integral part of life and is not something we can or should always try to thwart. Usually the process of recovery is one of cleansing and strengthening the terrain and also a process of training for the immune system. In modern times how we address these situations and the way these infections and illnesses manifest in people is one of interest to many who are traditional naturopaths.

The most remarkable difference is seen between children, and adults alike, whose immune systems have not been corrupted by external influences both man-made and environmental, and those whose immune system have been subjected to these outside influences. In the latter these minor illnesses become many weeks of struggling going from one system to another and causing additional co-infections and taking much longer to recover. In the former the uncorrupted immune system works just as intended and returns the body to a recovered state much faster and with little to no additional burden. I observe this in my practice a lot and also at home with my own family.

In this image (shared with permission from a good friend of mine, thank you and you know who you are) you can see how the majority of people are trained by the modern medical industry to address these issues. The modern medical view of germs and the assumption that all germs are bad and should be eradicated as quickly as possible actually is a false premise and most often back-fires on the recover process as well. The toxic pharmaceutical approach therefore should not be the first solution for either group of people. 

This image shows the traditional naturopathic approach of supporting the terrain while the body fights. In this method you employ things that provide the terrain the proper "energy"; in the form of homeopathy, essential oils and other modalities, "nutrition"; in the form of food- based supplements and vitamins and "botanicals"; which are supporting herbs that are appropriate for the situation. In the vast majority of cases using this three-fold approach assists the body to fight off illness in the shortest possible time and return you to wellness.

Don't wait till you get sick to learn about these methods. Talk to your traditional naturopath or wellness coach today so you are well prepared and armed with the right knowledge and tools to support your health and wellness as well as know what to do to prevent. 

Call or email Do No Pharm Naturopathy to learn more or if you have any questions.

Dr Ravi Kulasekere PhD, ND BCHHP Do No Pharm Naturopathy LLC  

14900 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107 

(330) 285-3247 donopharmnaturopathy@gmail.com

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