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Ohio Citizens Unite to Undo an Unscrupulous Budget Bill Amendment

July 17, 2019 1:55 PM | Anonymous member

On Wednesday, June 19th, Ohio citizens were shocked to discover that a last minute amendment was snuck into the Senate Omnibus Budget Bill (HB166), adding language to our vaccine exemptions Ohio Revised Code 3313.671. The amendment proposed that:

“Section 3313.671 (F) Notwithstanding division (B) (4) of this section, a nonpublic school may deny admission to or refuse to enroll a pupil whose parent or guardian declines to have the pupil immunized for reasons of conscience, including religious convictions.”

Considering this language was completely unrelated to the budget process or the financial operations of a state, it quickly became clear that the omnibus amendment was intended to undermine the voices of Ohio citizens. Any such authorization affecting human, medical and civil rights MUST allow for an adequate and comprehensive review that is also open for public comment. As a last minute sneaky addition, the public comment was completely removed from the equation. 

However, through extensive unified efforts, grassroots advocates quickly mobilized and began proactively contacting Ohio legislators to express their objection and grievances. Legislators reported they received hundreds of calls and emails daily from Ohio citizens expressing their concerns with this unscrupulous amendment. 

Thanks to the hard work, dedication, perseverance, resilience and bravery of the people both statewide and nationwide, the provision language was successfully removed from the Ohio State Budget Bill during the Conference Committee hearing on July 16, 2019, through amendment CC5915.

A monumental victory showcasing the impact and collective strength of Ohioans voices as a citizenry united to protect the people’s fundamental human rights and freedoms. 

Ohioans are deeply grateful for all the legislators who proactively took a stand for what is right and as such honored our freedoms. It is a blessing to live in this great State where the people’s voices and concerns are represented when actively engaged through advocacy.

Health freedom advocates will remain vigilant as we continuously raise awareness and respectfully engage in mutually educative legislative experiences that preserve our fundamental human rights and freedoms.  

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