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From Deficiency to Efficiency: How Natural Health Helped Me Thrive

July 10, 2020 8:11 PM | Anonymous member

By Andrea Hand

***This is a becoming proof story of health recovery. Health Freedom Ohio is dedicated to providing a platform for Ohioans who have overcome health challenges. If you have a recover story you would like to share, please email us at info@healthfreedomohio.org***

My name is Andrea. I’m a mother of 2 sweet boys, married to my best friend and have a passion to help others.  

I’m sharing my health journey in the hopes others will know they don’t have to live a life of illness. 

I was 20 when my health started going down hill and the trials I had to go through to get help was insane. I collapsed at work in November of 2015, I woke up in an emergency department hours later confused and incoherent.

I went through every test in the book, was told by medical doctors and nurses they didn’t know why I passed out. I went to get up and lost all feeling in my legs and couldn’t stand. My head was spinning, heart rate rapid, nauseous, stomach pain and felt terrible. I left the emergency department with 0 answers and a $5,000 dollar medical bill.

I was under extreme stress and worked way more than I should. I had the mindset I was invincible and didn’t take the best care of myself. I ate maybe one meal a day, lived on coffee and slept 4 hours. I was off work a month recovering and ended up finding a naturopathic doctor. She helped me navigate my nutritional deficiencies and helped me recover from adrenal insufficiency, anemia, and hypoglycemia.

Fast forward a year later I found I was pregnant with my first son. I knew right away do to extreme morning sickness. I went downhill fast and ended up with hyperemesis gravidarum. I lost 64 pounds by 34 weeks pregnant and ended up taking leave from work. I would vomit, pass out and spent most days fighting to keep water down. My husband, family and friends helped take care of me. My naturopathic doctor and midwife helped me get on a high protein clean diet and lots of supplements. I rested and did everything I could to limit stress. 

At 38 weeks pregnant my blood test came back rough, my hemoglobin was at 6. I had to get that number up or my life would be at risk during and after labor. I worked hard to get my iron up and eat all I could even when I didn’t want to. My son ended up being a couple weeks over which gave me some much needed time. Three days before he was born my hemoglobin was at 12 and I had achieved what seemed impossible. I went into labor and had my 7 pound health baby boy in 5 hours. I hardly bled and had no tearing. I had a complete natural birth at home. I continued to improve my health and learn.

I want to add from my own personal experience our minds are powerful and we gain strength through our mindset as well as our physical body. Overcoming defeat and fear plays a huge role in our overall health. I believe God gives us that strength and he is why I’m here today. 

Fast forward I got pregnant with our second son 7 months postpartum and this round I worked hard to have a better pregnancy. I still had extreme morning sickness my whole pregnancy but I kept my healthy high protein diet and supplement routine. I saw a chiropractor to help with my back and overall health. My blood work stayed balanced most of my second pregnancy and definitely was better than my first. I still had hyperemesis gravidarum but I made sure to prioritize my body’s needs.

I ended up going 3 weeks past my official due date which is normal 40 weeks is a estimate not a guarantee. I went into labor with my second son and he was born in 2 hours weighing 9 pounds 8 ounces. I didn’t tear and had another great home birth. 

Postpartum was different the second time, I lost all my weight in a week but felt off. I had cravings, anxiety, nausea, rapid heart rate, fatigue, hair loss, rashes, yeast infections. It just seemed my body was out of wack and continued to get worse. By 6 months postpartum I had gained 60 pounds while breastfeeding which made no sense. I ate healthy, worked out, always running around and very active. I kept telling myself it was just postpartum hormones but I just kept feeling worse. I decided to get some labs done and see what was going on. 

I ended up finding out I developed Hashimoto's which is when your thyroid slows down. In my case extreme and had turned autoimmune. I ended up seeing an Endocrinologist and was put on a more natural version of a thyroid hormone. This doctor told me I would need it the rest of my life and there was no cure. I, however, didn’t believe that and wouldn’t except that answer. I’m 25 years old and after all I’ve overcome I’m not stopping now. 

It can take up to 6 years for a medical doctor to diagnose Hashimoto's and they only treat symptoms. I spoke to my naturopathic doctor and she was confident getting to the root of my health issues would bring healing. 

I started with the AIP protocol; this diet gets all Inflammatory foods out of your diet. Next I had several tests done. I did a food sensitivities test to determine what my body was allergic or sensitive to. I did a saliva test for hormones, GI test which checks for parasites, bacteria and gut flora levels.

I looked up what foods help or hurt thyroid function, got rid of gluten, dairy and sugars. Made sure I had all organic, non chemical, artificial and GMO foods. This is important because in order for our body’s to heal we have to stop inflammation. 

Another big deal food was soy even organic because the body confuses it with estrogen. Plus most soy is GMO and covered in pesticides. Eating a clean diet is very important and there are so many resources to achieve it. 

I recommend Dr. Axe, holistic site websites, books or a credible naturopathic doctor. I made sure to eat high protein, moderate fat, healthy carbs and 80 % non starchy leafy vegetables. This is the diet that fit my situation. I believe it’s important to find out what your body needs and modify to that. One size doesn’t fit all and it’s very important to find out what is specific to our body's needs. 

My naturopath had me on several supplements which, just like diet, are tailored to my specific needs.

Within 6 weeks of this strict protocol my thyroid went from 68 TSH to 1. Lets just say my medical doctor was shocked and had no words. It was impossible in his eyes but holistic medicine is incredible!  My naturopath discovered I had parasites in my gut lining which had been there for years and were linked to thyroid disease. I also had Candida and another bad bacteria. I did a parasite cleanse and Candida cleanse. These do take time and parasites can take 2 years to completely cleanse. 

My thyroid has been balanced now and I’m the healthiest I’ve been in years, I’ve reversed my disease. I had gotten so used to living sick that I had no clue what life could be like feeling well. Symptoms are how our bodies ask for help. They should never be covered up or ignored. I don’t blame medical doctors they are only doing what they have been taught and I hope one day they will learn this other incredible side to medicine. I am continuing my journey and hoping to help others find health and a better life. Holistic medicine has been around since Ancient times and is vital to our well being. 

I can’t say enough on how holistic medicine has transformed my life and continues to do so! I encourage people to look past what society has made normal and see there is much more. We were made to be strong and healthy. Our bodies are powerful and need treated as such. I hope this will give people answers and direction to recovery. I wish I had known years ago and hope my experience will benefit others. 

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