HB 166 Sec 107.20


Health Freedom Ohio Opposes Section 107.20 of HB 166

CONGRATULATIONS FREEDOM LOVING OHIOANS, Section 107.20 has been successfully removed from the budget bill. Health Freedom Ohio wants to thank Ohio citizens who called, emailed, and testified, your dedication to preserving health sovereignty has paid off. We do need to remain vigilant as this bill passes to the Senate, to ensure this section is not added back into the bill. 

Bill language here.

Section 107.20 of HB166 gives the Governor the power to:

💥 Use an executive order to declare a public health emergency.

💥 Initiate ANY action seen fit.

💥 Assume control of emergency management operations.

💥 Order the director of budget and management to transfer cash from any fund.

💥 Direct STATE AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT for the purpose of securing compliance with the order.

💥 This is a sweeping power grab that increases mistrust in governmental agencies.

💥 Existing public health measures are appropriate to limit the spread of infectious disease.

💥 Ohio Revised Code should not be altered to give the Governor sole power to negate civil rights of Ohioans by usurping legislative authority.

💥 Without medical freedom, we have no freedom.

💥 Refer your Representative to testimony before the Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services dated 4/11/2019 written by Dr. Kristine Severyn, Anthony Dibiase, Michelle Cotterman, and Lindsey Evans.

💥 Use events from New York City and Rockland County as evidence for how this language can be used.