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Plaintiffs are needed for a lawsuit attacking the government disinformation campaign on COVID-19, the vaccines, and the coercion used against the American people to achieve universal vaccination.

Health Freedom Ohio is partnering with Attorney George Smith and Dr. Naomi Wolf of DailyClout in an effort to gather plaintiffs for an upcoming lawsuit combating the medical tyranny imposed on Ohioans related to COVID-19.

Can YOU help?

The lawsuit will seek injunctive and declaratory relief to stop a wide range of unconstitutional government actions designed to force universal vaccination on the American people. It will target the "public service" ads touting the safety and efficacy of the vaccines—especially those directed at children who are at near zero risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19.

As the lawsuit covers all aspects of COVID-19 policy, many could qualify as plaintiffs. Here are a few examples of people that could be potential plaintiffs, however, this list is not all inclusive.

  • An employee who works for or got terminated by an employer that mandates vaccination and boosters.
  • Parents of children or young adults that could not attend the university of their choice due to vaccine mandates or who were coerced to get vaccinated in order to attend college. Was yours or your child’s education derailed by COVID policy? Are you concerned with further mandates?
  • A person who had a loved-one die due to hospital COVID protocols after being denied ivermectin at your family’s request. Do you feel threatened by the current lack of access to ivermectin or other treatments for COVID-19?
  • A person or family who has been excluded from family gatherings, lost friends or playmates for their children due to their vaccination status.

  • A doctor who has been threatened with disciplinary action, loss of hospital privileges, or termination of employment for criticizing the vaccines and/or the government response to COVID-19, or for prescribing treatments like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.

  • Parent or Medical Associations that have members that were affected by any of the above that could be potential plaintiffs would be ideal

If you are an employee, college student, parent of a child 6 months and older, or doctor or pharmacist, and live in the Cincinnati or Dayton area, or you know someone else that would be a good plaintiff in this area, we would love to hear from you!

Please reach out to Health Freedom Ohio directly at:


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