Legislative Action

Your voice and action matters...

Health Freedom Ohio advocates often meet and build genuine relationships with legislators and testify before committees on key legislation to proactively preserve our fundamental right to health freedom.

The willingness and passion to educate, combined with the humility of knowing that advocating for what is right is a learning experience deserving of mutual respect and recognition, are key to successful engagements with those who have the capability to impact current and future legislation. 

You also have the power to make such impact by showing up in truth and letting your voice be heard. Contact us today if you are interested in becoming an active voice in preserving health freedom. Find your Legislator here: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislators/district-maps

Below you will find current legislation we are supporting or opposing.

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Current Ohio Legislation


133rd General Assembly, 2019-2020 - Ohio

A legislative session lasts two years in Ohio. Any bill introduced has to pass through the House, the Senate and be signed into law by the Governor by the end of December 2020.

We have very little time to make a BIG difference, which is why your voice matters! We are busy working behind the scenes, but rest assured coming soon we will feature legislation related to health freedom in Ohio and announce time sensitive calls to action. Please check back often or follow us on Facebook for updates.

HB 65 - Watch - According to HB65 “If the department of job and family services (ODJFS) determines that a child day-care center, type A family day-care home, or licensed type B family day-care home has created a serious risk to the health or safety of a child receiving care in the center or home, the licensee shall notify the caretaker parent of each child receiving care in the center or home of the department's determination.” There are no guidelines for determining what constitutes a serious health risk and leaves this discretion solely to ODJFS. Without limitations or definitions of what constitutes a serious risk to health or safety HB65 seeks to hand over that authority to an unelected and unaccountable government agency. Read more here.

HB 102 - Support - seeks to expand the covered services of chiropractic care to Medicaid recipients. We are asking people to contact members of the House Health Committee in support of this legislation. 

Read more here.

HB 132 - Support - It requires school districts to notify parents of vaccine requirements AS WELL AS exemptions to vaccination as provided by current Ohio law ORC 3313.671. We are asking people to contact members of the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee in support of this legislation. Read more here.

HB 165 - Oppose -  The bill would require Ohio’s Board of Education to adopt health standards based on the existing CDC Healthy Schools National Health Education Standards and implement these standards by July 1st, 2020. We are asking people to contact members of the Primary and Secondary Education Committee and asking them to oppose this bill. Read more here.

HB 166 Sec 107.20 - Oppose - Is our state operating budget bill. This is an 1800 paged budget bill but hidden inside is section 107.20 which gives the governor the power to declare a public health state of emergency, initiate any action seen fit, assume control of emergency management operations, order the director of budget and management to transfer cash from any fund, direct STATE AND LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT for the purpose of securing compliance with the order, Ohio Revised Code should not be altered to give the Governor sole power to negate civil rights of Ohioans by usurping legislative authority. We are asking people to contact their own State Representative to ask them to submit an amendment to strike this section from the bill. Read more here.

HB 268 - Support -  The Medical Consumer Protection Act prohibits an employer taking adverse action against individuals refusing to be vaccinated against any illness or disease because of a medical contraindication or for reasons of conscience, including religious beliefs. This proposed bill puts medical decision making back into the hands of the individual where it belongs. We are asking people to call the Chair of the House Commerce and Labor Committee and ask for a hearing on this bill. Read more here.

SB 57 - Support -  This will allow Ohioans to sell, buy and possess CBD (Hemp oil) without a license or card! This replaces the current Board of Pharmacy ruling that CBD/Hemp is a Schedule 1 drug requiring a medical marijuana card for purchase or possession. It also allows for farmers to grow their own hemp under state licensure. We are asking people to contact the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee in support of this legislation. Read more here.

US HR2527 - Oppose -  A Federal bill to amend the Public Health Service Act to condition receipt by States (and political subdivisions and public entities of States) of preventive health services grants on the establishment of a State requirement for students in public elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and for other purposes. Read more here.